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Volume 46, Issue 2, Article 5

(Scr Med 2015:46:125-130)


Influence of Obesity on the Progression of Knee and Hip Arthrosis

Predrag Grubor ¹, Milan Grubor ², Mirza Biščević ³, Rade Tanjga ²

¹ Clinic of Traumatology, University Hospital Clinical Center Banja Luka
² HI “Dr Grubor”, Mladena Stojanovića 14 Street, Banja Luka
³ Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, UCCS, Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

UDC: 616.728.2-002:615.825
COBISS.RS-ID 5325848


Introduction: Hip and knee joints represent a simple functional construction composed of strong, durable material. They enable the person to make everyday, long-range and painless leg movements. Obesity progressively accelerates the arthrosis, and subsequently, the dysfunction of joints.

The aim of the study: The aim of this study is to, within the test sample of 52 patients, establish the influence of obesity on the progression of primary knee and hip arthrosis.

Subjects and methods: The paper represents a retrospective - prospective analysis of data on the obesity of 52 subjects. 30 patients with primary coxarthrosis, mean age 56.90 ± 6.22 (46-70 years), were treated with endoprothesis. The survey and medical record review showed that, due to primary coxarthrosis, 22 patients (76%) were treated with endoprothesis. An average BMI of 25-29.99 (13.10 ± 2.86 years) was established in the aforementioned patients. In 22 patients, mean age 50.32 ± 7.32 (40-66 years), gonarthrosis was treated with endoprosthesis,. The survey and medical record review showed that 18 patients (81.4%) with primary gonarthrosis had and average BMI of 25-29.99 in adolescence.

Results: In the analysis, patients treated with endoprosthesis due to primary gonarthrosis, had I0 obesity at the average age of 19.86 ± 2.30 (17-26 years). At primary coxarthrosis, I0 obesity was present at the average age of 22.27 ± 4.83 (17-36 years). II0 obesity was present in patients treated for primary gonarthrosis at the average age of 47.60 ± 6.65 years, and in coxarthrosis, at the average age of 54.38 ± 5.57 years.

Conclusion: All patients had been pre-obese since their childhood. With the increase of BMI, primary hip and knee arthrosis progressed.

Keywords: obesity, gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis

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Submitted: May 28th, 2015
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