ISSN 2490-3329 (Print)
ISSN 2303-7954 (Online)

Volume 49, Issue 1, Article 10

(Scr Med 2018:49:61-64)

Right Pulmonary Artery Aneurysm Mimicking Tumor on Chest X-Ray in Patient with Eisenmenger Syndrome

Amra Macić– Džanković1, Lamija Pojskić2, Belma Pojskić2, Fuad Džanković3, Gordan Bajić4

1 General Hospital “Prim. Dr Abdulah Nakaš“, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2 Cantonal Hospital Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
3 Clinic for Orthopedic and Trauma, University-Clinical Center Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
4 Pan-European University “APEIRON”, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

doi: 10.18575/
UDC: 616.13-007.64/.141
COBISS.RS-ID: 7318552


A 66-year-old patient with previously diagnosed largeventricular septal defect and Eisenmengersyndrome(ES) performed a preoperative(planned inguinal hernioplasty) chest x-ray that showed a tumor-like lung mass,which led to a chestCT scan. The ChestCT scan showed an extremely dilated right pulmonary artery which mimicked tumor with rarely described atherosclerotic changes in the right blood flow with calcified plaques and thrombotic masses. Since pulmonary artery thrombosis is common in adults with ES,it is our belief that anticoagulation should be considered in this group of patients.

Key words: Eisenmenger syndrome, ventricular septal defect, pulmonary artery aneurysm

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Submitted: February 8th, 2018
Accepted February 28th, 2018