ISSN 2490-3329 (Print)
ISSN 2303-7954 (Online)

About Journal

Scripta Medica (Banja Luka) is an international journal published by Medical Society of the Republic of Srpska and Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka that publishes original (clinical, laboratory and epidemiological research), but also articles which aim to educate and inform physicians and experts in related disciplines. The journal is presented and available online free of charge.

In English or Serbian language journal publishes articles on original research, review articles, historical articles, editorials, case studies and images in clinical medicine. Articles written in English have the advantage.

In Serbian language will be published only special announcements (educational articles and articles that point to current trends in medicine), book reviews, news, reports from professional and scientific meetings and translated excerpts of articles by local authors published in international journals.

Notwithstanding the educational articles can be written in English.

Editorials provide comments on published articles in a journal or express the views of the Editorial Board. These articles are written by editors or experts per editors' request.