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Volume 49, Issue 1, Book review

Primary and Secondary Stroke Prevention Faculty of Medicine of the University of Banja Luka published the book “Primary and Secondary Stroke Prevention” by Dr. Siniša Miljković, Prof. Dr. Zoran Vujković and Prof. Dr. Vlado Đajić. The idea for writing this book came from the fact that we live in the time of explosion of cerebrovascular […]

Volume 48, Issue 2, Book review

PELVIC AND ACETABULAR TRAUMA Professor Predrag Grubor, an author of a large number of publications, has allowed his intellect to publish another book that will be a part of the national scientific and professional heritage created in the Republic of Srpska, which, like some of his other works, may become a part of the international […]

Volume 48, Issue 1, Book review

Congenital Heart Diseases in Adults A monograph “Congenital Heart Diseases in Adults“ by Tamara Kovačević – Preradović and coauthors Mirko Stantić, Peđa Kovačević and Bojan Stanetić sheds new light on this important health and social issue which hasnot been assessed in Serbian language in such a concise way. The authors from the University Clinical Center […]

Volume 47, Issue 1, Book review

Diagnostic Methods in Renal DiseasesFaculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka, 2015 Editors: Vlastimir Vlatković i Biljana StojimirovićAuthors: Milan Skrobić, Biljana Stojimirović, Zoran Džamić, Branislav Gašić, Vlastimir Vlatković, Milorad Grujičić, Snežana Petrović Tepić, Aleksandra Salapura, Maja Travar, Saša Vujnović, Jasna Trbojević Stanković, Bogomir Milojević, Dragan Vojvodić, Ivona Risović, Andreja Figurek, Vladan Dimitrijević i Goran Topić […]

Volume 46, Issue 2, Editor’s Letter

Dear colleagues and readers, First of all, I would like to thank you for sending your papers to be published in Scripta Medica. I am especially pleased to notice an increasing number of young authors who are making their fists steps in scientifi- research activities. Since August 2015, Scripta Medica is available in the following […]

Volume 46, Issue 2, Book review

Basic Principles of Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapy Branislava Jakovljević and co-authors Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka2015 University textbook Basic Principles of Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapy by Prof. Branislava Jakovljević, and coauthors represents very important oncology literature in our region. The making of this book involved 22 eminent experts from different fields of oncology. […]

Volume 47, Issue 1, Book review

Historical perspective of laparoscopic surgery BOOK REVIEW Belgrade 2015, Publisher Negative, pages 127 Historical Perspective of Laparoscopic Surgery by prim dr Duško Panzalović makes outstanding contribution not only to surgery but also to medicine in general because of its comprehensive analysis of laparoscopic surgery from its early history to the present day. The issue discussed […]

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